Best and Worst States to Move To

What states are people moving to?  Economists would say that you can learn a lot from people "voting with their feet."  They leave states for many reasons:  economic opportunity, lower taxes, weather, cost of living etc. 

The 2009 Allied Van Lines 42nd Annual Magnet States Report  is an useful report in understanding where people are moving to.  There are some changes from last year that would suggest the economy has influenced people's moving decisions.

Texas was the Best State to Move To in 2009.  It had the most net people moves in the US, over three times more than any other state.  It was also the most popular state to move to in 2008.  Arizona and North Carolina, which was ranked 2 in 2008, were also popular states to move to.  They were very close in net moves being separated by only 2 moves according to Allied Van Lines.

According to the annual magnet report, the Best States to Move To in 2009 were Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and Florida

The Worst States to Move To in 2009 were Michigan, Illinois,Pennsylvania, New Jersey and CaliforniaNew York is also an unpopular state to move to.  Both Illinois and New York have now lost population, according to the Allied study, for 33 straight years!!  California lost people in 2009.  Its 12.4% unemployment rate may have had something to do with this exodus.  See also Taxpayers Leave New York  and People Choose Best States to Live with their Feet

It should also be noted that this survey is not a definitive migration study.  Florida, for example according to the Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research, lost population in 2009 for the first time in 63 years.  This is at odds with the Allied stats.  See

Political leaders in states where people are leaving should take note.  When people leave a state, something is not working for them in that state.


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  • 12/2/2011 10:07 AM katherina wrote:
    ILL is state where you can find jobs, but too much corruptions around and people must believe these politics. But if it is very bad situation here, why people don't move from ILL? If everybody move from here- what happened with taxes( can you beleive that nobody pay taxes? ) OMG! But why that must be people's problems- if politics play their games.... and made corruptions? I want to live queit life and people want the same thing too. So I am not surpriced about corruption, but I don;t think it can be stop- it like in some politics blood- you can't live if you don't do corruption. So sad ! And not good reputation for ILL.....So soon people start to move to diffferent states and ILL will be empty! Shame.....
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  • 4/15/2013 1:30 AM Nene wrote:
    I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and I plan to move back to Minneapolis, Minnesota soon.
    I like Chicago because I was born and raised there and we got a lot to do here and our city is big and a tourist attraction. plus we have one of the best downtown’s ever. The crime is bad the education is ok depending on where you live the hospitals are great and the housing authority here sucks. The cultural diversity is ok we got people from all walks of life here also, but they all live on the Northside of the city especially in Rogers Park.

    Chicago helps with getting an education but a job and housing is hard to come by here cause we got so many people here and a lot of more to come. The housing authority still got there wait list for section 8 and public housing closed in 2012 but Minnesota still help out with public housing. Hopefully Chicago open up as well we got a lot of new mixed income housing popping up everywhere that can’t nobody afford not to mention the gentrification that’s going on here. Most of the ares that’s becoming integrated is Rogers Park, Humboldt Park, Hyde Park, Uptown, Lincoln Park and Edgewater.

    Chicago is culturally diverse but very segregated at the Moment. They trying there best to gentrify the place.

    I like Minneapolis because of the education system it’s a woman and kid state they got tons of government services and resources. I also like the cultural diversity and the landscapes. The Mall of America in Bloomington, MN is too cool and so is Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. The people are friendly and they got so many people there from all over the world like Whites, Blacks, Hmongs, Native Americans, Indians, people from the caribbean and a whole lot of Somalians. Downtown Minneapolis also have skyline which I love and is very beautiful because in the winter time you can go outside and walk through the skyline your outside but yet inside as well it is so cool and very little crime.

    Minneapolis help you with everything thing from getting into a shelter and getting housing to getting an education and a job and cheaper cost of living than chicago.

    Chicago got a mass transit system which is just about the only thing they got on Minneapolis.
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